Le Moal, Daniel

There are two characters called Daniel Le Moal in The Sarnian series. They are father and son.

Daniel Le Moal (younger)

The younger Daniel Le Moal works at a kiosk in Portinfer. He is the younger brother of Paula, and the son of Daniel and Dianne. He is fifty and lives in a States house.

When Ollie Carey first meets the younger Daniel Le Moal, he notes this about the kiosk and the man himself:

It wasn’t a permanent, brick-built kiosk like the others, but a temporary building brought across on the ferry and craned onto site from the back of a lorry. The man behind the counter was carrying extra weight – enough to suggest he was eating his stock – and as Ollie came towards him, he looked up and smiled, ready to take his order.

Daniel Le Moal (senior)

Daniel Le Moal senior is the father of the man who works at the kiosk. He was formerly a site manager on one of Hollett Construction’s repair jobs where he worked directly for Frank Hollett. This role is now largely handled by Mahy.

He was married to Dianne, nee Laine, when he was seventeen and she was sixteen, and three months pregnant with a daughter called Paula. Their second child was a son, the younger Daniel Le Moal mentioned above.

Pittard, Helen

Helen Pittard is the editor of BBC Radio Guernsey. She works in the newsroom but also oversees the production of daily episodes of The Fleet.

She is the line manager of Simon Langlois and, through him, knows Ollie Carey, although she and Ollie have never worked directly together. She sits just slightly too far away from Simon for him to be able to see her clearly from his own desk.

She has worked at the station for five years, having come back to Guernsey, where she was born and grew up, from a BBC local radio station on the mainland.

Foxton, Dawn

Dawn Foxton is a London-based forensics officer who comes to Guernsey with her colleague Louisa Patterson at Charlie Dubois’ request so she can help in the identification of the body recovered from the Castle Breakwater.

She works on identifying remains using 3D reconstruction technology. Although she and Louisa have never been to Guernsey before, they don’t make any effort to see the island. Instead, they fly back home the day after arriving, having worked right through the night.

Patterson, Louisa

Louisa Patterson is a forensics officer from London who comes to Guernsey in book 2, Blowfish to examine the body recovered from the Castle Breakwater.

She knows of Charlie Dubois by reputation and is delighted to meet him, although she has less interest in Marc Renouf or anyone else on the team.

She works with Dawn Foxton.


Mahy is Frank Hollett’s right-hand man. He does a lot of work on Hollett’s sites, managing the staff, resources and overall smooth running of the jobs. He is described as being ‘thick-set’ and shorter than Frank Hollett himself.

He had been working for Hollett Construction for most of his life and has unlimited access to Hollett himself. He is also trusted to perform a lot of the company’s management tasks in Hollett’s absence.

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