Solution: Channel Islands crossword

Here’s the answer to our Channel Islands crossword. If you haven’t already tried the crossword, look away now, or click here to have a go.

Channel Islands crossword solution

Channel Islands crossword

Test your knowledge of the Channel Islands and the wider world with this week’s crossword. You can download a printable PDF copy here. When you’ve got to the end (or you get stuck), click here for the answer.

Channel Islands crossword grid


1  Former hunting ground in central London (4)
3  District, central to Jersey’s St Aubin’s Bay (3,5)
9  Street name of St Helier, Jersey, and Forest, Guernsey (2,5)
10  Optional extra feature (3-2)
11  Bonus (5)
12  Involve (6)
14  Direction device on a boat (6)
16  Small island in the Bailiwick of Guernsey (6)
19  Jersey north coast cove whose name sounds like a shellfish (6)
21  Building outlet for steam (5)
24  Slopes (5)
25  Small motorised or pedal-powered vehicles (2-5)
26  Prolific, climbing summer flower (8)
27  Depend upon (4)


1  Glues (8)
2  Island north west of Herm, with a name close to that of a Guernsey defensive structure (5)
4  Players in a football team (6)
5  Perform again? (5)
6  Language based on medieval German, often written using Hebrew alphabet (7)
7  Footes ____. Guernsey FC home ground (4)
8  Attack, as German forces did to St Peter Port harbour prior to invasion (6)
13  Second largest Channel Island (8)
15  Street name in Guernsey and Jersey, sounds like a female goat (2,5)
17  Inspiration word (6)
18  Jamaican musical genre (6)
20  Inflict (5)
22  What a central computer on a network might do (5)
23  Painting, literature, opera etc (4)

Guernsey quiz 2

Test your knowledge of Guernsey and its closest neighbours. If you get 10 or more, give yourself the weekend off. Click here for the answers.

  1. What appears on the back of any Guernsey penny produced after 1985?
  2. How many holes are there at La Grande Mare golf course? Nine or 18?
  3. How tall was the original Doyle Monument at Jerbourg Point, prior to its destruction in 1944? Around 50ft, 100ft or 150ft?
  4. By what name is St Marie de Castro church better known?
  5. When did ITV Channel Television launch? 1952, 1962 or 1972?
  6. After what kind of religious man is the hill named, on which you’d find a small cemetery on Herm?
  7. Which St Peter Port spot is an anagram of “needs cardigans”?
  8. Sark has a famous hole in a piece of rock, which was once used for hauling up supplies from boats below. What is it called? The door, the opening or the window?
  9. How many square Guernsey perches make up a Guernsey vergee? 40, 50 or 60?
  10. How many gates did St Peter Port have in its former town walls? Five, ten or fifteen?
  11. Which of Guernsey’s parishes includes both Herm and Jethou?
  12. What is the second cheapest property on the Guernsey Monopoly board? Castle Cornet, Elizabeth College or the Little Chapel?
  13. How tall is the tower that houses the lighthouse on Castle Breakwater? 12m, 18m or 24m?
  14. If you were sitting on the sand at Vazon Bay and looking directly out to sea, which direction would you be facing?
  15. Folklore has it that walking around the Fairy Ring a certain number of times while making a wish, makes the wish come true. How many circuits do you need to complete? One, three or 12?
  16. When did the States of Guernsey complete its acquisition of Aurigny? 2003, 2006 or 2009?
  17. At what age is the Bailiff expected to retire?
  18. How long is the track operated by the Alderney Railway? One, two or three miles?
  19. By which culinary name is Fort Grey better known?
  20. Which fruit is paomme in Guernesiais?

Solution: Guernsey quiz 2

Here are the answers to the second Guernsey quiz. If you haven’t tried your hand at the quiz itself, give it a go now, before you check the solution.

  1. Crab
  2. 18
  3. Records vary from 96ft (29m) to 101ft (31m)
  4. Castel Church
  5. 1 September 1962
  6. Monk (Monks’ Hill)
  7. Candie Gardens
  8. The Window
  9. 40
  10. Five
  11. St Peter Port
  12. The Little Chapel
  13. 12m (39ft)
  14. North
  15. Three
  16. 2003 (15 May)
  17. 65
  18. 2 miles
  19. The Cup and Saucer
  20. Apple

Solution: White Rock Sudoku

This is the solution to the White Rock sudoku. Look away now if you haven’t already tried the sudoku itself.

White Rock Sudoku Solution

White Rock Sudoku

Arrange the letters W-H-I-T-E-R-O-C-K so that no letter appears more than once in a single column or row, or in any group of nine squares defined by the thicker lines on the grid below.

Click here to download this puzzle as a print-ready PDF and click here for the solution.

White Rock Sudoku

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