The following entries give useful background information about Guernsey and the surrounding islands, with many of them used as devices, elements or settings in the Sarnian series. This index page acts as a glossary, with the snapshot beside each one providing a brief description that should be sufficient to understand any term within the series. For a more extensive description — and, in many cases, photos — in each instance, click the headword on each line.

Name Snapshot
AbreuvoirTraditional drinking trough for cattle
BailiwickArea of legal jurisdiction
Clameur de HaroAncient Guernsey legal objection
DallianceSpeedboat used by the consortium
Gache MeleeTraditional spiced apple cake recipe
GuernesiaisGuernsey's native language
Guernsey flagGuernsey has had several flags over the years
Guernsey GacheTraditional Guernsey fruit bread
Hottentot FigSucculent plant that grows abundantly on headlands.
Huffin’ PuffinRemus Carey's boat, latterly Ollie's
MalkulpaGuernsey-based legal practice
Morse codeSymbolic code system
OrmerLocal seafood delicacy
Sarnia CherieGuernsey's official anthem
St Sampson’s travelsJourneys of Guernsey's patron saint
The Book of Ebenezer Le PageA classic of Guernsey literature
The FleetBBC radio drama series
The SarnianSensationalist local newspaper
Toilers of the SeaVictor Hugo's book about Guernsey
Toilers of the Sea: a summarySummary of the complete book on one page