South coast abreuvoir close to Petit Bot bay

Abreuvoirs are traditional drinking troughs for cattle that are built on a spring at the side of a road. They are constructed using traditional local stone and often bear the name of the parish in which they reside.

Abreuvoir in Torteval now used as a flower trough

They are no longer so important to the island’s farmers as they can rely on mains water rather than natural springs, but they are maintained nonetheless. The character of Tony Guille included abreuvoir maintenance within his list of jobs as an employee of the States Works.

Abreuvoir in the cliff path close to Petit Boy Bay

The Sarnian Book 1: Dead in the Water

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A body on a beach, an impossible alibi and an unstoppable race against time!

Abreuvoir appears in The Sarnian, the explosive adventure series in which the discovery of a dead body on one of Guernsey's most secluded beaches blows the lid on a world of intrigue and deceit.

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