Closed road leading from Portelet to Pezeries

The headland at Pezeries, in Torteval, is the most southerly northern-facing point on the island. It marks the turning point where the west coast curves around to the south coast. In the image above, the fort is on the end of the headland to the right of the picture.

It sits just south west of Portelet and has been home to a castle or fortress for several centuries. The exact date when the first fortifications were built there is unknown but the Guernsey Tourist Office states on its website that there has been a fortress there since at least 1680.

Its position gives anyone manning the fort a good view across Rocquaine Bay and around to Les Hanois lighthouse.

Flora in the roof of Fort Pezeries

The road between the fort and Portelet is now closed to vehicles as it is no longer strong enough to take regular traffic. However, it is open to walkers and on a sunny day the walk between the two is well worth taking — as is climbing up to the lookout point high above them, roughly at the half way point, where a mast and rigging were erected to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2012.

Fort Pezeries

Close by the fort is the Fairy Ring, also known as the Table des Pions, which is a circular trench around which are seated several rocks. It was used as a meeting and eating point for island officials as the inspected the roads and defences.

Inside Fort Pezeries

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