Golf course on L'Ancresse common

L’Ancresse is a wide bay and large common at the very north of the island. The bay is split into L’Ancresse and Pembroke beaches, which merge into one another and provide one of the longest unbroken stretches of sand to be found on the island.

L'Ancresse Bay

The beach is clean and the sea is very shallow. At the eastern end of the bay there’s a shooting range that flies red flags to warn when the shooting is taking place.

L'Ancresse Shooting Range

L'Ancresse Shooting Range

In book 1, Dead in the Water, Remus Carey takes his wife Odette to the beach when he wants to spy on Marc Renouf, who is there with his wife, Sophie, and their daughter. Remus and Odette lay on the concrete slab at the western end of the bay.

The good sight lines across the bay and out to sea mean that it has long been of interest to those planning the island’s defence, and so it is well served by distinctive granite Napoleonic towers, which sit on the common at the back of the bay.

Napoleonic defensive tower on L'Ancresse Common

The common has several neolithic remains, including burial chambers, and is also the site of one of the island’s golf courses.

Stone monument on L'Ancresse Common

Burial chamber on L'Ancresse Common

As one of the largest green spaces on the island, it’s no surprise that Renouf chose the edge of the common as the location on which he would build the dream home to which he would retire one day.

Golf course on L'Ancresse common

The Sarnian Book 1: Dead in the Water

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