Icart Point

Coastal path at Icart Point

Icart Point is an impressive headland on the south coast of the island. It sits on the coastal path and is therefore a very popular passing point for walkers. Several benches there give unbeatable views along the south coast to both the east and the west (see above) depending on which side of the headland you sit on.

Icart Point is well known for its tea room, which sits in a secluded garden.

Bench facing west along the south coast at Icart Point

Carved granite block at Icart Point

Heading west along the south coast from Icart Point would take you towards Jaonnet Bay, where a team of British Commandos staged a raid on the island during the Second World War, when it was occupied along with Jersey, Alderney and Sark by the German forces. This event is commemorated by a carved granite block at the back of the car park at the Point (above).

Bench facing east along the south coast at Icart Point

Continuing east from Icart Point will bring you down to Saints Harbour and from there to Saints Bay, at which point the route along the coast involves another climb to higher ground.

Market on the path to Icart Point

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