Oliver Carey

Oliver Carey (Ollie to most who know him) returned to Guernsey following the disappearance of his father, Remus, so that he could try and found out what happened to him. Prior to that he was studying for a degree in Oceanography at Southampton University. His father’s loss at sea has robbed Ollie of his sea legs and he’s now afraid to venture out on the water himself.

He spent five years on the mainland, in part for his degree, and established a relationship with Kirsty, which came to an end when he moved back to Guernsey. At the start of book 1, Dead in the Water, he is 32 years old.

He isn’t cut out to be a reporter, and if he thought there was any other way he could obtain the information he was after he wouldn’t be working at The Sarnian at all.

He is a fitness fanatic who cycles across the island to work each day (he doesn’t have a car) and three times a week breaks off that journey for a run and, if the weather allows, a swim in Marble Bay.

It was during one of these swims that he discovered the body of Richelle Ibbott at the start of book 1, Dead in the Water. He is then tasked to head up the reports into her death by The Sarnian’s editor, Freya Carlisle. In the course of his investigations he becomes the focus of attention from the States Police and, in particular, Inspector Marc Renouf.

Carey is attractive, and not without his admirers — in particular, Ella Brouard with whom he works. While at university he was dating a girl called Kirsty. The relationship was strong, and long, but he had to break it off when he returned to Guernsey and it was obvious that he wouldn’t be returning to the mainland any time soon.

He lives on the Huffin Puffin, his father’s boat, which is permanently moored at Portelet Harbour. His mother, Odette Carey, is still alive and lives separately elsewhere on the island.

The Sarnian Book 1: Dead in the Water

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A body on a beach, an impossible alibi and an unstoppable race against time!

Oliver Carey is a fictional character who appears in The Sarnian, the explosive adventure series in which the discovery of a dead body on one of Guernsey's most secluded beaches blows the lid on a world of intrigue and deceit.

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