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Guernsey Police makes the world’s first underwater arrest
A Guernsey Police diver arrested a man who was spotted collecting ormers while fully submerged near Castle Cornet

Albert Lamy appointed Guernsey Police Chief Officer
Lamy was promoted by the German occupying forces, and once again by the civilian authorities after the war.

Guernsey’s first paid constables were hired
Guernsey has had “constables” since the 13th century. Yet, it wasn’t until 1853 that it started paying them. Four men were appointed to the position in St Peter Port and the posts have been maintained ever since. It could even be said that this, technically, marked the official start of the Guernsey Police force. Police […]

Head of Guernsey CID is shot in St Peter Port
The head of Guernsey CID was shot and badly wounded by a student.

Alderney arrest sparks a “riot”
Alderney police station was pelted with stones after officers arrested a suspected drink-driver.

Guernsey’s island-wide police force is established
Guernsey's island-wide police force took over from a system of local parish constables.

Guernsey emergency services prepare for a disaster
A four-day exercise involving emergency services from Guernsey and Jersey simulated a collision between a high speed ferry and a cruise ship.

Guernsey’s entire police force is arrested
Every police officer on the island was arrested in an inquiry into theft

Guernsey Police Service appoints its first inspector
Edwin A Green was the first Inspector of Guernsey Police Service

Guernsey Police moves to its new headquarters
The new HQ was just one change for Guernsey Police in 1956. It also got a new khakni uniform.