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Murders in Guernsey
Although murder is rare on Guernsey and in the Channel Islands in general, there have been several notable cases over the years, one of which led to the very last hanging for murder on Guernsey.

A hospital worker stood accused of murder
When a man tried to kill his wife, a hospital worker who intervened ended up killing the culprit.

A royal visit… of sorts
The Royal Family had a habit of turning up in Guernsey unannounced during the reign of Queen Victoria.

St Peter Port inundated with fish
Derek Harvey had killed his daughter and ex-partner after taking drugs

Human remains were found on Lihou
The remains were the evidence of a very old murder.

A mainland murder with a Guernsey connection
William and Maglona wanted their ashes to be scattered from a Guernsey-bound aircraft.

Guernsey’s first female murderer goes on trial
Gertrude Elizabeth de la Mere was accused of the murder of her employer, Aldred Brouard.

Murder inquiry ends with suicide
A murderer who fled from Scotland after killing his father and one other with arsenic committed suicide when cornered on Guernsey

A hotel porter goes on trial for murder
A 21-year-old hotel porter stood trial for murdering a 34-year-old chambermaid