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Admiral Thomas Le Marchant Gosselin died
Gosselin had an impressive career in the navy and saw a lot of the world before his death in 1857, aged 92.

Guernsey recruits caused concern in Parliament
Despite their independence, Guernsey and Jersey frequently come up in Parliament. On 21 November 1916, with the First World War raging, Ian Malcolm, MP for Croydon, voiced his concerns about two recruits to the Royal Court. According to Hansard, the official record of proceedings in the house, he asked the Home Secretary, Herbert Samuel, …whether […]

A Guernsey recruit regretted signing up
The deserter was quickly caught when he strayed too close to his home town

6th Battalion of the Royal Irish Regiment fought at the Somme
The Battalion included several volunteers from Guernsey

Royal Guernsey Light Infantry Museum opens
The museum is housed in Castle Cornet.

Two deserters were shot after landing on Guernsey
The deserters believed they'd reached France, but had actually reached the Channel Islands.

Death of Thomas Fiott de Havilland
De Havilland was a Guernsey-born architect and engineer posted to India who constructed some of the most notable buildings in Madras.

Guernsey’s last duel
Major William Byng was shot and killed after challenging James Taylor to a duel in Cambridge Park.