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Treasure Hunt on Guernsey and Herm
Channel 4 gameshow Treasure Hunt came to Guernsey and Herm in 1984. It was one of the earliest episodes of the series, and someone has uploaded it in full to YouTube.

Stunning drone footage of Herm
As the nights draw in and the weather starts to turn grey, this video, which was shot above Herm, is just perfect...

Island off the coast of Guernsey

Channel Islands
A collection of islands off the Cherbourg Peninsular

Herm bribery case comes to court
The courts heard a bribery case when the tenancy of Herm island became available

Herm tenant Major Peter Wood died
Peter Wood and his wife Jenny were the first long-term tenants of Herm

Trident VI ran aground on its return from Herm
The ferry was bringing passengers back from a late dinner in thick fog

Guernsey bought Herm from the mainland
After the purchase, Guernsey leased Herm to a series of tenants with a requirement that it be kept open for visitors.

Herm goes back on the market
Herm is administered directly by the States of Guernsey and maintained by tenants.