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Guernsey Police makes the world’s first underwater arrestA Guernsey Police diver arrested a man who was spotted collecting ormers while fully submerged near Castle Cornet
The court considered a Guernsey porn dealer’s testimonyA London porn dealer who lived in Guernsey testified against the police.
The papers were excited by a Guernsey executionGuernsey carried out its first execution in almost 20 years in November 1830.
Sark’s vineyards were vandalisedAlmost half of the 100,000 vines on Sark were damaged overnight.
A hospital worker stood accused of murderWhen a man tried to kill his wife, a hospital worker who intervened ended up killing the culprit.
A man “disappeared” from a Guernsey ferryJames Pitt had been due to appear in court when he "went missing" on the ferry.
Missing girl, Jetta, was found on GuernseyJetta had been taken to Guernsey by her aunt who had said she was taking her to school
A St Peter Port murderer was jailed for lifeA stabbing in St Peter Port high street led to a life sentence
Oliver Reed was jailed in GuernseyThe actor had broken a window at the Duke of Normandie hotel
A double murderer was sentenced for his crimeDerek Harvey had killed his daughter and ex-partner after taking drugs



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