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Guernsey quiz 2Test your Guernsey knowledge with out 20-question quiz.
Solution: Guernsey quiz 2Answers to the second Guernsey quiz.
Easter weekend Guernsey quizTest your Guernsey knowledge with 20 questions taken from the Guernsey quiz book. Click here for the answers. Which parish hosts the North Show? Where is Guernsey’s shipwreck museum? When was Channel Television awarded its broadcast license? 1960, 1970 or 1980? Complete the 1990s advertising slogan: “If it’s not Randalls…” How many layers of stone […]
Solution: Easter weekend Guernsey quizHere are the answers to our Easter weekend Guernsey quiz. If you haven’t already tried the quiz itself, click here before reading any further to give it a go. Castel inside Fort Grey 1960 “…it’s a scandal” 50 Clarence Battery two yellow Fort Saumarez a cog and map 335 20 minutes 500 5 acres / […]



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