The Guernsey Quiz Book
8 December 2016

Guernsey quiz book

Stuck for a last minute Christmas gift? We might have just the thing for the Guernsey brainbox in your family.

The Guernsey Quiz Book is the first spin-off from the Sarnian series of books. You don’t need to have read any of the Sarnian novels to play, but a good knowledge of Guernsey and the other islands in the Bailiwick will certainly help. Covering Guernsey, Herm, Sark and Alderney, all 1000 questions relate to the islands and the waters that surround them, the people that live (or lived) on them, media and events that took place in their history.

1000 questions in 100 quizzes

Unlike other quiz books, there’s no padding, and every round is a pot-luck general knowledge line-up of 10 questions. Some are hard, some easy, and some multiple choice, so nobody should leave any round without any points.

Guernsey quiz book interior

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Guernsey Quiz BookIt’s £3.99 in paperback, and just £1.99 on Kindle, and while we would almost always encourage you to buy a book digitally if you can (not only is it cheaper, but it’s also kinder to the planet), we have to admit to preferring printed quiz books. You can flick back and forth quickly between the questions and the answers and, of course, pass it around after dinner without everyone in your party needing to know how to use an e-reader.

If you have Amazon Prime, it qualifies for free delivery.

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