Easter weekend Guernsey quiz

Test your Guernsey knowledge with 20 questions taken from the Guernsey quiz book. Click here for the answers.

  1. Which parish hosts the North Show?
  2. Where is Guernsey’s shipwreck museum?
  3. When was Channel Television awarded its broadcast license? 1960, 1970 or 1980?
  4. Complete the 1990s advertising slogan: “If it’s not Randalls…”
  5. How many layers of stone make up the Liberation monument in St Peter Port, which also acts as a sundial?
  6. Which anagram of “cabaret recently” is a place with good views of Herm?
  7. How many cells are there in Sark’s small prison?
  8. What colour shirt does Vale Recreation FC wear when playing at home? Yellow, green or blue?
  9. Which privately owned defensive structure is an anagram of “traumas froze”?
  10. What appears on the back of a Guernsey 20 pence piece produced after 1985?
  11. How many yards is it from the tee to the cup on the first hole of L’Ancresse golf course? 115, 225 or 335?
  12. Approximately how long does it take to cross from Guernsey to Herm with Travel Trident?
  13. How many patients was the German Underground Hospital designed to accommodate? 50, 500 or 5000?
  14. How large is the island on which Castle Cornet sits: 3, 5, 7 or 9 acres?
  15. To what animal, a pet of the tenant Sir Percival Perry, is there a monument close to the White House Hotel on Herm?
  16. What was used on Guernsey to transport drunks to prison until the First World War? Horses, hay ricks or hand carts?
  17. How wide is La Coupee on Sark? 1ft, 10ft or 15ft?
  18. By 1944, how many cubic metres of rock had German forces extracted from Guernsey to make tunnels: 24,400, 244,000 or 2,440,000?
  19. What is an abreuvoir, commonly found throughout Guernsey? A drinking trough, a bunker or a flag?
  20. Which of the following has no consulate in Guernsey: Ireland, Italy, Iceland?
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