Solution: Easter weekend Guernsey quiz

Here are the answers to our Easter weekend Guernsey quiz. If you haven’t already tried the quiz itself, click here before reading any further to give it a go.

  1. Castel
  2. inside Fort Grey
  3. 1960
  4. “…it’s a scandal”
  5. 50
  6. Clarence Battery
  7. two
  8. yellow
  9. Fort Saumarez
  10. a cog and map
  11. 335
  12. 20 minutes
  13. 500
  14. 5 acres / 2 hectares / 20,000 square metres
  15. a parrot, which was strangled by drunk fishermen
  16. hand carts (often the cart from Le Riche’s Stores)
  17. 10ft (3m)
  18. 244,000
  19. a drinking trough for cattle
  20. Iceland
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