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Guernsey shipwreck results in starvation
A shipwreck's sole survivor starved to death on an islet close to Herm

HMS Boreas sank at Hanois
The sinking of HMS led to the loss of 120 lives

A tomato ship and a tanker collided
A Guernsey tomato ship was sunk when it struck a Liberian tanker

President Garcia is re-floated in Saints Bay
The cargo ship was carrying dried coconut husks when it ran aground.

Point Law runs aground off Alderney
The oil tanker was empty, having offloaded its fuel at St Sampson.

Guernsey and France tackle the Amoco Cadiz oil spill
When Amoco Cadiz spilled almost 220,000 tons of oil, the resulting slick stretched more than 40 miles.

Torrey Canyon spills oil on Guernsey’s beaches
The largest wreck ever spilled 120,000 tonnes of oil, some of which washed up on Guernsey's beaches.

Mail ship wrecked on Black Rock
One of many mail ships to flounder on its way to Guernsey hit Black Rock and sank, with considerable loss of life.

Radiant Med sinks with loss of life
The Radiant Med, a 3000-ton Liberian-registered cargo ship, sank when it struck rocks 15 miles off Guernsey

MV Prosperity is wrecked at Perelle
MV Prosperity sank close to Lihou, off Guernsey, in January 1974 with the loss of 18 lives.