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TV programmes set on Guernsey
Guernsey has been the star of many TV shows, from Enemy at the Door and Island at War, to Howards' Way and Treasure Hunt. Here's a run-down of the best of the best.

Treasure Hunt on Guernsey and Herm
Channel 4 gameshow Treasure Hunt came to Guernsey and Herm in 1984. It was one of the earliest episodes of the series, and someone has uploaded it in full to YouTube.

Howards’ Way came to Guernsey
The fourth series of the BBC's long-running drama focused on Guernsey.

ITV broadcasts first episode of Island at War
The series had a mixed reception and only ran for one series.

TV’s Jeeves is rushed to hospital on Guernsey
Dennis Price, who played Jeeves, was rushed to Guernsey when suffering from "Sark Tummy".

Channel 4 broadcasts Sark-based Mr Pye
The whimsical drama was both set and filmed on Sark

Debut of Guernsey-set comedy This is Jinsy
Jinsy is a stand-in for Guernsey in this surreal TV comedy series.