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Ebenezer Le Page author GB Edwards diesAlthough GB Edwards spent much of his life away from Guernsey, he wrote one of the most admired books about the island
Admiral Thomas Le Marchant Gosselin diedGosselin had an impressive career in the navy and saw a lot of the world before his death in 1857, aged 92.
Horticultural painter William Caparne was bornCaparne had been painting from an early age, and spent the latter half of his life living in a tram car in Guernsey
Dad’s Army actor John le Mesurier diedAlthough he didn't live on Guernsey, le Mesurier had family connections to the island
Jethou’s tenant fell off his own cliffWilliam Withycombe had to be rescued by the food supply boat when he fell from a cliff on Jethou
Bailiff Sir Peter de Havilland was bornSt Peter de Havilland was Bailiff from 1810, having already made a fortune privateering.
Dame Sibyl Hathaway chose her Desert Island DiscsSibyl Hathaway chose eight tracks, a book and a luxury on the long running BBC Radio 4 programme.
Footballer Matt Le Tissier was bornThe Guernsey-born footballer played for Southampton and England.
Major General Sir Isaac Brock diedIsaac Brock was killed while defending Canada from American troops.
Herm tenant Major Peter Wood diedPeter Wood and his wife Jenny were the first long-term tenants of Herm



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