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Operation Hardtack targets the Channel Islands
Operation Hardtack was a series of fact-finding raids on France and the Channel Islands

The Red Cross saves Guernsey from starvation
As food started to run dangerously low, the Red Cross ship Vega saved locals from starvation

Alderney’s evacuees return to their island
Alderney was evacuated during the Second World War and used as a prison island

German forces confiscated Guernsey’s radios
The German occupation forces confiscated the radios on Guernsey twice during the war

GUNS founder Charles Machon died
Machon had suffered from an ulcer and didn't receive the treatment he required in custody.

Hitler ordered the Channel Islands’ fortification
Hitler integrated Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney into the Nazi's Atlantic Wall defences.

Sark was the target of Operation Basalt
Operation Basalt had been an information-gathering raid

Guernsey switched to Reichsmarks
The currency exchange was just one of several changes under occupation

“Let em starve,” said Churchill
Nobody's sure whether he wanted the Germans or everyone on Guernsey to starve

Occupation president Ambrose Sherwill died
Sherwill had been the first president of the Controlling Committee