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Guernsey Police makes the world’s first underwater arrest
A Guernsey Police diver arrested a man who was spotted collecting ormers while fully submerged near Castle Cornet

Asterix is discovered in St Peter Port harbour
A Roman trading ship, later called Asterix, was found sunk in St Peter Port harbour on Christmas day 1982

Guernsey shipwreck results in starvation
A shipwreck's sole survivor starved to death on an islet close to Herm

Guernsey steamship SS Rossgull is wrecked
The SS Rossgull was on its way from Guernsey to Jersey when it sank in December 1900

A Guernsey funeral takes place in Cornwall
Sailors who were bringing the Rose of Devon back to Guernsey were buried in Cornwall after it sank.

Two cargo ships collide on their way to Guernsey
The ships collided in dense fog on the route between Guernsey and Southampton

French fishing boats prepare to invade
The fishermen were unhappy about restrictions on where they could fish

The first lighthouses were built on the Casquets
Three lighthouses were built so the rocks were easy to distinguish from England or France.

Guernsey lifeboat saved a Swedish schooner
The schooner ran into trouble off France in rough seas.

Guernsey lifeboat performs a chemical tanker rescue
The lifeboat from St Peter Port saved 22 crew from two damaged ships