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Clameur de Haro
Ancient Guernsey legal objection

Area of legal jurisdiction

Herm bribery case comes to court
The courts heard a bribery case when the tenancy of Herm island became available

Sark women get the right to inherit
400 years late, woman at last gained equal rights to the men of Sark

A Guernsey planning dispute headed to Europe
A dispute over a shed conversion had far wider implications for the British political system

Guernsey’s Reform Law was enacted
The Reform Law set out in detail how Guernsey's political system would work.

Guernsey voted to legalise local abortions
Prior to the law change, having an abortion could be punished with life imprisonment.

Guernsey’s first paid constables were hired
Guernsey has had “constables” since the 13th century. Yet, it wasn’t until 1853 that it started paying them. Four men were appointed to the position in St Peter Port and the posts have been maintained ever since. It could even be said that this, technically, marked the official start of the Guernsey Police force. Police […]

Guernsey declared a State of Emergency
The most severe water shortage since records began called for drastic measures.

Guernsey’s new population law comes into force
The new laws changed peoples' rights to live in local and open market houses.