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The desalination plant opened
The short-lived utility allowed Guernsey to produce its own fresh water.

Guernsey’s stone crackers demanded a pay rise
The plight of Guernsey's quarry workers was raised in the House of Commons.

The first mines were dug on Sark
Sark is rich in silver and copper, which have attracted several speculators over the years.

Trudy, Guernsey’s biggest ever import, was installed
Guernsey power station in St Sampson was the new home of Trudy, Guernsey's biggest-ever import

Guernsey coffee trader William Le Lacheur died
Le Lacheur had his own fleet of ships, most of which were built in St Peter Port.

States Telephone Department was established
The Department asserted its rights to roll out telephone services across Guernsey.

A French fisherman is arrested and escorted to St Peter Port
French boats had been fishing within the six-mile exclusion zone surrounding the Channel Islands.

Guernsey adopts Sterling currency
Guernsey switched from the French Franc to Pounds Sterling in 1921.

Famed printer Thomas de la Rue born
Known as the Father of the Playing Card, this printer set up a business that's still thriving.

Plans for St Sampson power station approved
By the early 1900s, demand for electrical power was outstripping supply on Guernsey, so plans were drawn up for a new power station at St Sampson.