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Guernsey steamship SS Rossgull is wrecked
The SS Rossgull was on its way from Guernsey to Jersey when it sank in December 1900

A Guernsey funeral takes place in Cornwall
Sailors who were bringing the Rose of Devon back to Guernsey were buried in Cornwall after it sank.

Two cargo ships collide on their way to Guernsey
The ships collided in dense fog on the route between Guernsey and Southampton

President Garcia is re-floated in Saints Bay
The cargo ship was carrying dried coconut husks when it ran aground.

Point Law runs aground off Alderney
The oil tanker was empty, having offloaded its fuel at St Sampson.

Alderney residents lined the coast to watch Titanic pass
Titanic passed so close to Alderney that residents could hear music onboard

Oil rig stranded at Grandes Rocques
The Orion oil rig broke free of its moorings while being transported to Brazil and became wedged at Grandes Rocques on Guernsey. It took a month-long salvage operation to refloat it.