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Aurigny Air Services
Aurigny Air Services was founded in 1968 when Alderney was at risk of losing its air link to Guernsey. It was bought by the States of Guernsey to guarantee its slots at London's Gatwick Airport in 2003.

Guernsey Airport
Guernsey Airport opened for business in 1939 and originally consisted of four grass landing strips. The new terminal building opened in 2004.

G-COBO has a bumpy flight
The flight from Guernsey experiences what investigators described as a serious incident

Air UK Fokker overshoots Guernsey runway
The plane was trying to land in strong sidewinds, which caused it to overshoot.

The RAF bombed Guernsey Airport
The RAF focused on German aircraft parked up at Guernsey Airport

First arrests were made at Guernsey Airport
Two men were arrested and accused of theft when trying to board a plane to London.

The States of Guernsey bought Aurigny
The States bought Guernsey's local airline to guarantee the island's route to London.

Guernsey Airport opened for business
Guernsey Airport was completed just before the outbreak of war, and was occupied by the Germans.

Guernsey Airport’s new terminal opened for business
The new building had a working capacity of 1.25 million passengers per year.

A plane hit a car while landing at Guernsey Airport
The British European Airways aircraft struck the car's roof.