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Guernsey shipwreck results in starvation
A shipwreck's sole survivor starved to death on an islet close to Herm

Air UK Fokker overshoots Guernsey runway
The plane was trying to land in strong sidewinds, which caused it to overshoot.

Guernsey steamship SS Rossgull is wrecked
The SS Rossgull was on its way from Guernsey to Jersey when it sank in December 1900

A Guernsey funeral takes place in Cornwall
Sailors who were bringing the Rose of Devon back to Guernsey were buried in Cornwall after it sank.

Two cargo ships collide on their way to Guernsey
The ships collided in dense fog on the route between Guernsey and Southampton

A plane crashed on Crevichon
The Heinkel He 111 had been bound for London but was unable to deliver its bombs on the city

Jethou’s tenant fell off his own cliff
William Withycombe had to be rescued by the food supply boat when he fell from a cliff on Jethou

Car plane air crash caused airport fireball
The Bristol Superfreighter was carrying cars from the mainland to Guernsey

Sark’s Stocks Hotel was damaged by fire
The fire caused one death and led to the founding of the Sark fire service.

An Islander aircraft crashed in Guernsey
The aircraft's main tanks ran out of fuel, even though there was enough fuel elsewhere in the system