Guernsey general knowledge crossword

If you know the name of a Guernsey seafood, a local brand of beer and Guernsey’s nearest neighbour, you should do well in this Guernsey crossword. Click here to download it in PDF format, and here for the solution.

Guernsey general knowledge crossword


1. Guernsey word for a strip of land (4)
3. Fur coats made from these local rodents were fashionable in 1926 (4,4)
9. Make new again (7)
10. Protected Guernsey seafood (5)
11. Stew from the Republic? (5)
12. Those who look impolitely (6)
14. Guernsey word for a rock or menhir (6)
16. Local name for an estate or enclosure (6)
19. Measure of Guernsey land (6)
21. Local beer brand (5)
24. Seaweed used for manure or burning (5)
25. Loose-leaf brassica, such as kale (7)
26. Sea sickness (3,2,3)
27. Guernsey’s nearest neighbour (4)


1. Guernsey word for quarry / stone path (8)
2. Muslim legal expert (5)
4. _____ Kutcher, former husband of Demi Moore (6)
5. Grassy spot from which to witness a killing (5)
6. Fictitious island, a stand-in for Alderney, in the film Appointment with Venus (7)
7. Islands Little and Great (4)
8. Herm’s sibling (6)
13. Local commercial radio station (6,2)
15. Hard white sphere used in games (3,4)
17. Interstellar dust cloud (6)
18. Rocks on which Trident IV ran aground in 2003 (6)
20. Fruited bread product (5)
22. To make happy (5)
23. Single egg cell (4)

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