Guernsey beaches and general knowledge crossword

How well do you know Guernsey’s beaches? Test your knowledge with this crossword that mixes clues about the island’s various beaches, bays and coves, with general knowledge teasers.

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Guernsey beaches and general knowledge crossword


8 Eight-legged order of cepalopoda with two gills (8)
9 Small leopard (6)
10 Variety (10)
11 _____ star; another name for the Pole Star (4)
12 Arachnid (6)
14 Power (plural) (8)
15 Animals keps in vehicles? (7)
17 To tolerate bad behaviour (7)
20 Harbour in south west Guernsey (8)
22 Species of monkey commonly used in medical research (6)
24 Not wild (4)
25 Home for playthings? (5,5)
27 Flatfish with brown and orange spots (6)
28 Used for online shouting (5,3)


1 Behaves badly (4,2)
2 Beach, after which one of Aurigny’s aircraft has been named (4)
3 Guernsey beach between Rousse and Portinfer (4,4)
4 You’ll find outdoor pools here (7)
5 Fight for space (6)
6 Guernsey bay, whose French name translates as Beautiful Strike (5,5)
7 Guernsey beach, anagram of ‘desirably so’ (8)
13 Disease causing inflammation of mucous membrane (10)
16 Lovely (8)
18 A thirsty harbour for the French? (4,4)
19 Trendy, fashionable (7)
21 A bay for the fairer sex? (6)
23 Province of Northern Ireland (6)
26 Promise, swear (4)

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