Channel Islands crossword

Test your knowledge of the Channel Islands and the wider world with this week’s crossword. You can download a printable PDF copy here. When you’ve got to the end (or you get stuck), click here for the answer.

Channel Islands crossword grid


1  Former hunting ground in central London (4)
3  District, central to Jersey’s St Aubin’s Bay (3,5)
9  Street name of St Helier, Jersey, and Forest, Guernsey (2,5)
10  Optional extra feature (3-2)
11  Bonus (5)
12  Involve (6)
14  Direction device on a boat (6)
16  Small island in the Bailiwick of Guernsey (6)
19  Jersey north coast cove whose name sounds like a shellfish (6)
21  Building outlet for steam (5)
24  Slopes (5)
25  Small motorised or pedal-powered vehicles (2-5)
26  Prolific, climbing summer flower (8)
27  Depend upon (4)


1  Glues (8)
2  Island north west of Herm, with a name close to that of a Guernsey defensive structure (5)
4  Players in a football team (6)
5  Perform again? (5)
6  Language based on medieval German, often written using Hebrew alphabet (7)
7  Footes ____. Guernsey FC home ground (4)
8  Attack, as German forces did to St Peter Port harbour prior to invasion (6)
13  Second largest Channel Island (8)
15  Street name in Guernsey and Jersey, sounds like a female goat (2,5)
17  Inspiration word (6)
18  Jamaican musical genre (6)
20  Inflict (5)
22  What a central computer on a network might do (5)
23  Painting, literature, opera etc (4)

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