Sitting just 215 metres from the coast of Jethou, between Jethou and Herm, Crevichon is an uninhabited islet of less than three hectares. Its name is Norman and said to refer to the ‘isle of crabs, crayfish or cranes’.

It has been used over the years as a source of granite for various notable building, including St Paul’s Cathedral in London, whose steps are constructed of Crevichon granite.

The BBC Domesday project described Crevichon thus:

Crevichon is a small islet connected to Jethou at low tide. They are both close to the south coast of Herm, but are privately owned and not at present open to the public.

Crevichon granite was used to build St Peter Port harbour and old pictures show the islet much larger than it is now. It is mainly grass covered with a white beacon on top of its conical hill. It is inhabited by many gulls and rabbits.

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