Friedmann Holtzer

Friedmann Holtzer is a field agent working in Interpol’s Hamburg office. He is sent to interview Remus Carey and return the transcript of his interview to Aurelie Paget at Interpol headquarters in Lyon.

The first time we encounter him is in book 2, Blowfish, where Remus Carey says,

I can see why they chose you, Holtzer. You’re anonymous: a perfect blend of everything that won’t stand out in a crowd. That’s a compliment, by the way. I don’t think I could aspire to be so forgettable. It seems a waster that they’ve put you in friendly terrain. They could pitch you east as a faceless ex-pat; teach you the basics to set you up. Nothing too deep – just eyes and ears where needed… Perhaps a little further than that. A former Soviet state?

The Sarnian Book 1: Dead in the Water

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A body on a beach, an impossible alibi and an unstoppable race against time!

Friedmann Holtzer is a fictional character who appears in The Sarnian, the explosive adventure series in which the discovery of a dead body on one of Guernsey's most secluded beaches blows the lid on a world of intrigue and deceit.

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