Castle Breakwater
23 April 2016

Castle Breakwater

If you’ve been to St Peter Port, you can’t have failed to spot Castle Breakwater, which runs beyond Castle Cornet to form one arm of the harbour. It’s a great place to wander along in the sun, and perch at the end to watch the boats in Little Russell. It’s also a popular spot for fishing.

This picture was one I took about five years ago now, and it was used as the basis of the cover for The Sarnian 2: Blowfish. The treatment on that cover was far darker, with stormy skies and a chunk taken out of the side of the structure to reflect something that happens in the story itself.

This is an altogether more cheerful interpretation, and if you look hard enough you’ll spot a person standing on the right, looking south. You should be able to make out his head in line with the horizon. He was removed from the version that was used as the cover, along with a group of people sitting at the base of the lighthouse at the end of the breakwater.

I’m wondering whether to release the bubble images, of which there are a few, as a series of posters.