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Murder suspects steal visitor’s boat from St Peter PortThe brothers who took the boat were later convicted of armed robbery and shooting a water engineer in the head.
Guernsey abolishes the death penalty for murderGuernsey deputies voted in favour of abolishing hanging one year before the UK.
Guernsey bigamist got married for the second timeA Guernsey bigamist got married for the second time – and would stand trial for it three years later.
A French fisherman is arrested after abducting officialsFrench boats had been fishing within the six-mile exclusion zone surrounding the Channel Islands.
Guernsey’s first female murderer goes on trialGertrude Elizabeth de la Mere was accused of the murder of her employer, Aldred Brouard.
Alderney arrest sparks a “riot”Alderney police station was pelted with stones after officers arrested a suspected drink-driver.
Guernsey’s island-wide police force is establishedGuernsey's island-wide police force took over from a system of local parish constables.
Guernsey’s entire police force is arrestedEvery police officer on the island was arrested in an inquiry into theft
Guernsey’s last duelMajor William Byng was shot and killed after challenging James Taylor to a duel in Cambridge Park.
Guernsey’s last execution didn’t go according to planWhen John Tapner was hanged, he became the last man executed on Guernsey. It was a messy execution that took 12 minutes and attracted a large crowd of spectators. Victor Hugo campaigned against it.



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