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Oliver Reed was jailed in GuernseyThe actor had broken a window at the Duke of Normandie hotel
A double murderer was sentenced for his crimeDerek Harvey had killed his daughter and ex-partner after taking drugs
Human remains were found on LihouThe remains were the evidence of a very old murder.
Murderer sentenced to death in three hoursMurderer James Ozanne was sentenced to death after a trial lasting just three hours. The 53-year-old labourer had stood accused of shooting his house keeper, 40-year-old widow Clara Ogier, in the head. She had died of her injuries. Although found guilty, for which the court could only pass a sentence of death, the judge made […]
Escaped Guernsey convict was caught againDerek Plevin's conviction was later quashed on appeal, but he still had to serve time for his escape.
Murderer Peter Robin sentenced to deathRobin's case attracted national attention for being only the third heard by the Royal Court in 100 years.
Guernsey voted to legalise local abortionsPrior to the law change, having an abortion could be punished with life imprisonment.
First arrests were made at Guernsey AirportTwo men were arrested and accused of theft when trying to board a plane to London.
“Overdose” verdict in Guernsey farmer’s death inquiryHilary Rougier died of a morphine overdose, which had not been self-administered.
Guernsey’s first paid constables were hiredGuernsey has had “constables” since the 13th century. Yet, it wasn’t until 1853 that it started paying them. Four men were appointed to the position in St Peter Port and the posts have been maintained ever since. It could even be said that this, technically, marked the official start of the Guernsey Police force. Police […]



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