23rd October 1971
Sir Charles Hayward buys Jethou for £91,000

Sir Charles Hayward bought the lease of Jethou in October 1971. The 44 acre island had been put up for auction by Susan Faed and her husband Angus. Their family had lived on Jethou since 1964. However, anyone who had expected a session of extended bidding might have been disappointed. The whole process was completed in less than five minutes.

As one of three interested parties, Hayward initially visited the island to view the estate. It was being offered for sale at £40,000, with an additional £5,000 asked for its contents. In the end, it actually went for more than twice that amount: £91,000. He and his wife, Elsie, initially asked to remain anonymous. They didn’t move onto the island for two full years after completing the legal process of the sale in December 1971.

Sir Charles Hayward’s death

Sir Charles Hayward died on Jethou aged 90 on 3 February 1983. He was survived by his wife Lady Elsie Hayward. She put Jethou back on the market for offers over £500,000 in June; four months after Sir Charles’ death. It was bought in February the following year by a new tenant who, as the Haywards had initially done, chose to remain anonymous.

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