17th April 1952
Death of the Vicar General of the Channel Islands

Monsignor Thomas Grant Hickey, who died on 17 April 1952, was appointed Vicar-General of the Channel Islands throughout the occupation. Following liberation, he maintained a keen interest in Guernsey politics, in which he had been deeply involved for the previous 30 years.

Hickey was appointed to Our Lady Star of the Sea, St Sampson, in 1916 upon the death of his predecessor, Canon Franklin. Soon after, he stood for election to the States of Deliberation. There, he won a vote for the States to pay the full salaries of all teachers in non-States schools. Shortly after, the States also started paying rent on the Catholic schools in which the children were educated.

Birth and education

Monsignor Hickey was born in Guernsey on 21 August 1877. He attended Elizabeth College before graduating to Oscott College in Birmingham. He completed his education in Rome, where he attended the English College.

He is still remembered beyond the island. The Diocese of Portsmouth, under which the Channel Islands’ churches are administered, says prayers for him every year on 20 March.

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