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SarkIsland within the Bailiwick of Guernsey
Channel IslandsA collection of islands off the Cherbourg Peninsular
Sibyl Beaumont married Robert HathawayWhen Robert Hathaway married Sibyl Beaumont he became the de facto ruler of Sark
Sark’s vineyards were vandalisedAlmost half of the 100,000 vines on Sark were damaged overnight.
Dame Sibyl Hathaway chose her Desert Island DiscsSibyl Hathaway chose eight tracks, a book and a luxury on the long running BBC Radio 4 programme.
Sark’s Stocks Hotel was damaged by fireThe fire caused one death and led to the founding of the Sark fire service.
The first mines were dug on SarkSark is rich in silver and copper, which have attracted several speculators over the years.
Sark voted for democracySark voted for full democracy after centuries as a feudal state
Sark was the target of Operation BasaltOperation Basalt had been an information-gathering raid
Schoolboys and teacher went missing off SarkThe school teacher had been sailing six boys back to England with his friend



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