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Castle Cornet surrenders to GuernseyCastle Cornet was a royalists' stronghold when the rest of Guernsey supported parliament
The Channel Islands’ king set sail for EnglandWilliam the Conqueror was already ruler of Guernsey before he defeated England.
The Duke of Connaught visited GuernseyThe Duke was the king's brother. He unveiled the South African War Memorial off Julian Avenue
Queen Victoria visited GuernseyIt was the first visit by a reigning monarch in six centuries
Braye du Valle was gifted by the crownThe land gifting allowed the two parts of Guernsey to be joined into a single island.
Val des Terres was first opened for trafficThe road into St Peter Port has taken four years to build and employed the local unemployed
Prince Charles and Camilla visit GuernseyThe visit commemorated the Queen's diamond jubilee.
Princess Elizabeth opened Guernsey’s hospitalThe future queen visited Guernsey by boat with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.
Guernsey celebrated Queen Victoria’s jubileeThe island marked the occasion with decorations, parades, fireworks and bonfires.
The king and queen celebrated Guernsey’s liberationKing George and Queen Elizabeth visited the Channel Islands to mark their liberation at the end of the second world war.



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