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St Sampson’s travelsJourneys of Guernsey's patron saint
Three Jewish women are deported from GuernseyThree Jewish women who found themselves stranded on Guernsey were deported to Auschwitz during the occupation.
Death of the Vicar General of the Channel IslandsMonsignor Hickey was born on Guernsey in 1877 and died in 1952.
Guernsey Mormon Sampson Avard dies in IllinoisSampson Avard was a leader in the early Mormon church who was excommunicated after turning against the church leaders.
Antiquarian William Collings Lukis was bornGuernsey-bown William Collings Lukis was a renowned historian, and for 30 years was a rector in Yorkshire.
Release of Reverend Harry SamuelThe priest who was imprisoned for marrying an uncle and his niece was released after intervention from the Home Secretary.
Death of occupation resister Marie OzanneMarie Ozanne was a brave protestor during the German occupation of Guernsey, who write letters to the occupying forces and preached in St Peter Port despite their banning of the Salvation Army.
St Sampson was ordained a bishopGuernsey's patron saint was ordained a bishop in 521, and founded a church during his brief stay on the island.
Guernsey’s first Methodist minister arrivesJean de Quetteville was Guernsey's first Methodist minister and now has the title Apostle of the Channel Islands.
Birth of concrete poet Dom Sylvester HouedardThis Guernsey-born monk attained legendary status during his lifetime as a pioneer in the art of concrete poetry.



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