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A Guernsey planning dispute headed to EuropeA dispute over a shed conversion had far wider implications for the British political system
Occupation president Ambrose Sherwill diedSherwill had been the first president of the Controlling Committee
Guernsey and Jersey considered mergingBy merging public many of their services the islands could save a lot of money
Equatorial Guinea coup inquiry came to GuernseyProsecutors wanted to a Guernsey bank to reveal a client's account details
Philip de Saumarez was discharged as a JuratDe Saumarez petitioned the queen to release him when his hearing started to fail.
Winston Churchill visited Guernsey with his wifeWinston Churchill was touring various naval installations around Britain
Guernsey’s Reform Law was enactedThe Reform Law set out in detail how Guernsey's political system would work.
Human remains were found on LihouThe remains were the evidence of a very old murder.
Earl Grey was appointed Governor of GuernseyFort Grey in Rocquaine Bay is named after Earl Grey
Guernsey chose England over FranceWhen King John lost Normandy, the Channel Islands had to side with either England or France.



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