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Sark women get the right to inherit400 years late, woman at last gained equal rights to the men of Sark
Guernsey recruits caused concern in ParliamentDespite their independence, Guernsey and Jersey frequently come up in Parliament. On 21 November 1916, with the First World War raging, Ian Malcolm, MP for Croydon, voiced his concerns about two recruits to the Royal Court. According to Hansard, the official record of proceedings in the house, he asked the Home Secretary, Herbert Samuel, …whether […]
Guernsey aimed for equal adoption rightsGuernsey made it easier for unmarried or same-sex couples to adopt
States of Guernsey hired its first independent vetThe States of Guernsey hired its first full-time vet in 2011. The successful candidate, David Chamberlain, had already worked as a vet on Guernsey since 1987. After a successful career that included an invention and a buy-out he was appointed to the part-time role on 7 November. A varied career After studying at the Royal […]
States of Guernsey voted to lower the voting ageGuernsey lowered the minimum age for voting in elections to 16 in 2007.
Bailiff Sir Peter de Havilland was bornSt Peter de Havilland was Bailiff from 1810, having already made a fortune privateering.
Major General Sir Isaac Brock diedIsaac Brock was killed while defending Canada from American troops.
Sark voted for democracySark voted for full democracy after centuries as a feudal state
A Guernsey planning dispute headed to EuropeA dispute over a shed conversion had far wider implications for the British political system
Occupation president Ambrose Sherwill diedSherwill had been the first president of the Controlling Committee



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