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Guernsey and Jersey newspapers agree to mergeGuernsey and Jersey's local newspapers agree to merge and share some resources
Radio station Contact 94 went off the airThe station had been broadcasting to the Channel Islands from France
Express & Star bought Guernsey PressExpress & Star owner Claverley Group bought the remaining shares of Guiton.
Channel Television saw off a rival broadcasterChannel Television bid just £1000 for the right to continue broadcasting to Guernsey and Jersey.
Jeeves actor died in GuernseyDennis Price had played Jeeves in the BBC's adaptation of PC Wodehouse's novels.
Spotlight was broadcast for the first timeThe launch of Spotlight, the BBC’s local news bulletin covering Guernsey, the wider Channel Islands and the south-west of England, was more of a name change than anything else. The BBC’s first bulletin for the region was News from the South West. This had launched in 1961 and, within a year, had been re-titled South […]
The Devil’s Rock had its opening nightParts of the New Zealand film were shot on Guernsey, where it was also set
Channel Television took to the airITV's independent television station for Guernsey and Jersey launched in 1962
The Star was published for the first timeThe newspaper merged with the Guernsey Evening Press in 1965.
Occupying forces confiscated Guernsey’s radiosAs the progress of the war started to turn against Germany, the occupying forces confiscated Channel Islanders' radios.



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