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Solution: Channel Islands crosswordHere’s the answer to our Channel Islands crossword. If you haven’t already tried the crossword, look away now, or click here to have a go.
Channel Islands crosswordTest your knowledge of the Channel Islands and the wider world with this week’s crossword. You can download a printable PDF copy here. When you’ve got to the end (or you get stuck), click here for the answer. Across 1  Former hunting ground in central London (4) 3  District, central to Jersey’s St Aubin’s Bay (3,5) 9  Street […]
Solution: Guernsey general knowledge crosswordHow did you get on? Check your completed grid against the solution to The Sarnian's Guernsey general knowledge crossword here.
Guernsey general knowledge crosswordHow many of the Channel Islands' names can you find in our word search grid? We're not just talking about the better-known islands, too. There are some tiny ones to be found, too.
Guernsey beaches and general knowledge crosswordHow well do you know Guernsey's beaches? See if you can navigate your way around Guernsey's coast – and test your general knowledge with this 28-question crossword.
Solution: Guernsey beaches and general knowledge crosswordThis is the solution to the Guernsey beaches and general knowledge crossword. Look away now if you haven’t already tried the crossword itself.



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