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An Islander aircraft crashed on GuernseyThe aircraft's main tanks ran out of fuel, even though there was enough fuel elsewhere in the system
Schoolboys and teacher went missing off SarkThe school teacher had been sailing six boys back to England with his friend
Trident VI ran aground on its return from HermThe ferry was bringing passengers back from a late dinner in thick fog
St Sampson pensioner was buried in a landslideThe sound of the falling rock could be heard across the island.
Jethou tenant was rescued from an up-turned boatWilliam Hedley Cliff had set out with a friend who lost his grip and was swept away
A boy scout fell 250ft over a Torteval CliffThe scout had been trying to rescue his friend, who had slipped when retrieving a hat.
Point Law runs aground off AlderneyThe oil tanker was empty, having offloaded its fuel at St Sampson.



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