Can you name these eight Guernsey landmarks?

The eight maps below pinpoint well known landmarks. Some are buildings, some are headlands or beaches, and one is a major junction. How many can you identify by clicking the options beneath each picture?

Be careful, though. Some of them have been rotated to make things extra tricky…

1. Can you name this fort?

© OpenStreetMap contributors

It's the houmet. This fort was part of the island's Napoleonic-era defences, and during the occupation it found itself surrounded by several thousand mines.

2. How about this fort?

© OpenStreetMap contributors

It's Fort Grey, home to the shipwreck museum on Guernsey's West Coast. Fortunately it got away quite lightly during the occupation and retains its original design.

3. Can you identify the headland?

© OpenStreetMap contributors

It's Pleinmont, and although we haven't spun it around at all, the way it kicks up from Guernsey's south western corner makes it look more like a northerly headland. It's one of the highest spots, and a great sunset lookout location.

4. Here's another headland for you...

© OpenStreetMap contributors

It's Icart Point, although rather sneakily it had been rotated through 180 degrees to make it look like a north coast outcrop. When back in its proper orientation, we're sure we can see the outline of an elephant's head, complete with trunk and ears, hanging down from it.

5. One last headland...

© OpenStreetMap contributors

This green headland is just along from Icart, and gives great views across Little Russel. It's Jerbourg Point! Have you ever walked all the way down to the box at the end of St Martin's Point, looked back up and only then realised how many steps you have to climb back up?

6. Which beach is this?

© OpenStreetMap contributors

It's Fermain, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful spots on the whole island. Walk to it along the cliff path, either from Jerbourg or St Peter Port, and treat yourself to a well-earned mug of tea while you enjoy the view.

7. Can you name the sports facility?

© OpenStreetMap contributors

Watch out for the red flags. It's the firing range at Fort le Marchant. Here it is, correct way around, with the coast running into L'Ancresse bay to the left, and the northern extremities, at Fontenelle Bay, to the east.

8. And finally, which road runs top to bottom?

© OpenStreetMap contributors

It's Route Militaire, although if you arrived at that junction the way the question had presented it, you'd have been heading from north to south. We also blocked out the name of Braye Road Industrial Estate to disguise things further.

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