The following characters appear in the Sarnian series. Click their names to open a full biography for each character (which may include some details that are revealed within the storyline contained in the book, so read at your own peril). The bio snapshot to the right of each name should be enough to jog your memory and position each character within the world of The Sarnian.

Alternatively, if you need to know more about the structure of The Sarnian team, click here for a PDF organisation chart (opens in a new tab / window).

Bichard, MarliseWife of Miles Bichard
Bichard, MilesHead of Guernsey's police force
Brouard, EllaLifestyle reporter at The Sarnian
Budzinski, MarieFixer for the Consortium
Carey, OdetteOliver Carey's mother
Carey, Ollie (Oliver)News reporter at The Sarnian
Carey, RemusOliver Carey's father; Europol agent
Carlisle, FreyaEditor of The Sarnian
ClarkeStates of Guernsey police constable
Digard, CecilHistorical re-enactment volunteer
Dixon, GeorgeRadio actor, appearing in The Fleet
Dubois, CharlieStates Police forensics officer
Dutroux, BobFleet supervisor for Guernsey Police
Erne, AlfieNews editor at The Sarnian
FallaStates of Guernsey police constable
Ferbrache, RossSecond in command at the fire service
Foxton, DawnForensics officer
Guille, TonyStates works employee
HenriMiles Bichard's Personal Assistant
Holdbrook, RosalyndThe brains behind The Fleet
Hollett, AltonTwin brother of Frank Hollett
Hollett, FrankBuilder who moved to Guernsey
Hollett, VerityFrank Hollett's wife
Holtzer, FriedmannInterpol field agent
Ibbott, RichelleGeorge Dixon's partner
Jones, RubyThe Sarnian's PR contact
Langlois, SimonReporter at BBC Radio Guernsey
Le Moal, DanielFather and son sharing the same name
Le Page, ChristineOfficer on secondment from Jersey Police
Le Page, Dan (Daniel)Christine Le Page's husband
MahySite manager for Hollett Construction
Minchin, GreggForensics officer for Guernsey Police
Ozanne, HarryArt editor on The Sarnian
Ozanne, TonyLifestyle reporter on The Sarnian
Paget, AurelieAgent working for Interpol
Patterson, LouisaLondon-based forensics officer
Pittard, HelenEditor of BBC Radio Guernsey
Puch, JanuszPolish prisoner
Renouf, MarcInspector at the States Police
Renouf, SophieNurse; wife of Marc Renouf.
Roche, MatthieuInterpol agent handler
SampsonRemus and Ollie's cat
Sloane, AmyLifestyle and gossip columnist
Spooner, KiraEditor of The Fleet
StellaPlanning officer for Environment office
The NurseNameless nurse on the consortium boat
Thoumine, ThomasFictional character in The Fleet